Our Environmental Policy

Environmental protection and social responsibility lie at the heart of Aerocycle’s activities

Aerocycle is involved in developing cutting-edge methods following the most rigorous protocols for the recycling and disposal of end-of-life aircraft materials. To this end, we work together with various partners and research groups in order to develop innovative aircraft disposal processes based on a life-cycle analysis as well as on the principles of circular economy.

Aerocycle’s commitments:

  • Comply with environmental standards and laws by giving particular attention to the management of hazardous materials and the traceability of materials.
  • Ensure worker safety by providing a safe dismantling environment and the required safety equipment.
  • Measure the environmental impact of Aerocycle’s activities and strive to reduce our footprint with regard to residual materials as well as to water, air and land pollution.
  • Continuously improve the environmental performance of dismantling projects
  • Apprise subcontractors of Aerocycle’s environmental commitments and of internal health and safety procedures.
  • Train and raise awareness of Aerocycle personnel on the environmental and social challenges facing the company and the end-of-life aircraft dismantling industry.
  • Periodically review this policy.